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Выступление представителя Российского

Председательства в Совете Баренцева/Евроарктического региона

г-жи Тарышевой И.В. на сессии Баренцева регионального комитета,

Брюссель, 12 мая 2009 года

Statement by Mrs Inna Tarysheva, Representative

of the Russian Chairmansip of the Barents/Euro-Arctic Council

at the session of the Barents Regional Committee,

Brussels, 12 May 2009


Mr. Chairman,

Dear colleagues,

Despite the world financial crisis, we manage to sustain the development of international Barents cooperation in line with our plans.

At the session of Committee of Senior Officials in Petrozavodsk in February we made a review of implementation of working plans of all working groups and came to the conclusion that, with some minor exceptions, they are being successfully implemented. We have noted the particular progress in our cooperation in ecology, culture, health care and other social issues.

We have taken a formal decision to establish a new, the sixteenth, Joint Working Group on Tourism. The proposal on its mandate is to be considered by the BRC today. We are inspired by the outcome of the international conference on Barents tourism in Rovaniemi last week, which has vividly shown a huge potential of tourism in the Barents/Euro-Arctic region.

The CSO has also discussed the presentation by the Petrozavodsk State University on its ideas on how to go forward with the Barents cooperation on education and research, and found it quite impressive and persuasive. We took a recommendation – pending your final decision – to appoint Petrozavodsk State University as a regional co-chair of the Joint Working Group on Education and Research, understanding that at least for the time being it will be the only co-chair, as we do not have yet volunteers for co-chairmanship from the central governmental part. The proposal on the updated mandate of this working group is also to be considered by you today.

The final adoption of both mandates will be part of the agenda of the next BEAC CSO meeting which is planned for 28-29 May in Syktyvkar. Other major items of this CSO meeting will be taking stock of the 4th Barents Parliamentarians’ Conference which will take place also in Syktyvkar on 26-27 May and preparations for the October Murmansk ministerial session of BEAC.

The Parliamentarians’ Conference, where the representatives of the national, regional parliaments and other parliamentarians’ organizations will be presented, sets forth an aim to discuss a wide-range of the Barents region issues and make practical proposals to BEAC. The conference will consist of three sessions: 1) the role of parliaments in social-economic development in the Barents region: public health, culture, education; 2) environmental protection in the Barents region; 3) support of indigenous peoples. And we believe it is important that parliamentarians from the regions-members of the BRC take an active part in this conference, and present their vision from the grassroots’ level to help us move forward our cooperation.

As far as the Murmansk Ministerial is concerned, we also expect active participation of the leaders and representatives of the regions-members of the BRC. As of now, the session will start with unofficial dinner on 14 October, the session proper in the morning of 15 October, followed by the press-conference, official lunch, and – for those who might wish to do so – participation in the opening ceremony of the Murmansk Economic Forum. BEAC Senior Officials will start their work.

One other point. We have good news coming from the Barents youth cooperation. Last month, after a long pause, the Working Group on Youth Policy gathered for its two-day meeting in Moscow. It discussed the long-pending administrative and financial issues, along with the preparation for September Conference of Ministers responsible for youth policy. The International Youth Event (its format is to be decided) will take place back-to-back prior to the conference of ministers. We hope the BRC will provide its assistance.

As for the other near future plans within the Barents cooperation.

The next session of the Working Group for Customs Cooperation will be held in Petrozavodsk on 3-4 June.

On 9-10 June the BEATA Steering Committee will meet in Arkhangelsk followed by the conference on Barents transport perspectives.

On 2 June St-Petersburg will host the meeting of the Working Group on Economic Cooperation.

Thank you.