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Focus of Grant:

Three Year Enrollment History


Total Grades

Total Enrollment

Example 1998-99







(Attachment B)

Public Charter school, which accepts funding through the Oregon Public Charter School Grant Program, agrees to the following assurances:

  1. An assurance that the applicant will annually provide the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Oregon Department of Education such information as may be required to determine if the public charter school is making satisfactory progress toward achieving the funded activities. This includes participation in any federal or state funded public charter school evaluations or studies.

  2. An assurance that the applicant will cooperate with the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Oregon Department of Education in evaluating the program being assisted.

  3. An assurance that the school is nonsectarian in its programs, admissions policies, and employment practices.

  4. An assurance that the school operates in accordance with State laws.

  5. An assurance that the school agrees to comply with the same Federal and State audit requirements, as do other public schools in the State and that arrangements have been made to finance those mandatory audits.

  6. An assurance that the school complies with the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

  7. An assurance that the school meets all applicable Federal, State, and local health and safety requirements.

  8. An assurance that the school’s admission process will not discriminate against anyone regarding race, gender, national origin, color, disability, or age.

  9. An assurance that the school will admit students on the basis of a lottery, if more students apply than can be accommodated.

  10. An assurance that the public charter school is in at least its third year of operation.

  11. An assurance that the school will comply with all timeline and reporting requirements.

  12. An assurance that the grantee shall maintain accounting records and other evidence pertaining to costs incurred, with the provision that the records shall be kept available by the grantee during the grant period and thereafter for three full years from the date of final payment. ODE must be permitted to audit, review, and inspect the grantee’s activities, books, documents, papers and records relating to the expenditures of grant proceeds during the period of the grant and for three years following final payment.

  13. An assurance that the public charter school will submit a revised budget narrative and budget to ODE within 90 days of notification of a grant award.

  14. An assurance that the public charter school has provided the school district with “adequate and timely notice” of this grant application.

It is the responsibility of each local public charter school-district partnership that receives funds under this grant to comply with all required federal assurances. Funded sites will be expected to cooperate with the Department in the development and submission of certain reports to meet certain state and federal guidelines and requirements. All grantees must work with and provide requested data to the successful contractor(s) in the evaluation of Oregon public charter schools.

In addition, funded projects will be required to maintain appropriate fiscal and program records. Fiscal audits of funds under this program are to be conducted by the recipient agencies annually as a part of their regular audit. Auditors should be aware of the Federal audit requirements contained in the Single Audit Act of 1984.


The Oregon Department of Education may terminate a grant award upon thirty (30) days notice if it is deemed by the Oregon Department of Education that the applicant is not fulfilling the funded program as specified in the approved project application.

The applicant may subcontract for work to be performed, but shall retain sole responsibility for the project and shall be the only direct recipient of funds. Project modifications and changes in the approved budget may be requested in writing and be approved in writing by the Oregon Department of Education before modifications are made to the expenditures.

Signatures of Assurances


District Administrator Date


Charter School Board Chair Date


Charter School Administrator Date


Person Preparing Grant Date

NOTE: The No Child Left Behind Act, Title V, Part B [20 USC 7221c. Section 5204, (e)(4)(B)] states, “A local educational agency may not deduct funds for administrative fees or expenses from a subgrant awarded to an eligible applicant, unless the applicant enters voluntarily into a mutual agreed upon arrangement for administrative services with the relevant local educational agency. Absent such approval, the local educational agency shall distribute all subgrant funds to the eligible applicant without delay.”


The budget worksheet and narrative must support the activities that are proposed in the application. There must be a clear relationship between the proposal activities and where the funds are going to be spent.

Please remember no grant funds can be obligated or spent until a final budget has been received and approved by the Oregon Department of Education. Grant disbursements will be made upon receipt of an eligible request for reimbursement.

Examples of the types of expenses that may be included in each object category are listed below for guidance only. Your budget narrative should give enough detail so that the appropriate object category can be confirmed.

  1. Salaries: Amounts paid for personnel services for both permanent and temporary employees.

  2. Employee Benefits: Benefits paid for both permanent and temporary employees.

  3. Purchased Services: Consultant fees, professional educational services and other services performed by persons or firms with specialized skills and knowledge. Also property services to operate, repair, or maintain school property. Other purchased services could include items such as telephone, travel, printing and postage expenditures.

  4. Supplies/Materials: Office supplies, books, and other general supplies.

Some expenditures may cross object category lines. For example, community services or parental involvement may include salaries, purchased services (printing) and supplies/materials. The budget narrative should identify these elements so a total cost of the activity can be determined.

Oregon Public Charter School Dissemination Grant

Budget Worksheet

Project Site ___________________________________________________

In the budget detail, please describe expenditures for grant activities using the following categories: 1. Salaries/stipends, 2. Employee benefits, 3. Purchased services, 4. Supplies/materials

Description of Activity

Budget Category

Total Request






















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