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1. Abstract of Proposal (2 pages maximum) 10 points

  • Baseline information includes all the following.

    • How the school was established,

    • Number of years the charter has been in operation,

    • Number and grade levels of pupils served, and

    • Demographic characteristics of student population

  • Project period is specified (not to exceed two years) and includes a detailed timeline (timeline must be double spaced).

  • At least three project objectives are listed with performance measures and quantifiable indicators. Project objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, and time-phased. If the project is in any way academically related, at least one project goal must use OAKS results and Adequate Yearly Progress as an indicator.

  • The project meets the needs of the school being assisted and/or developing school. The amount of funding requested is indicated.

  • The collaboration, partnership or mentoring program that will be used is explained.

  • Detail is included as to how the dissemination grant meets the objectives of the project and addresses an identified need.

  • Abstract addresses how effective practices will be distributed; includes compilation techniques and planned distribution.

  • If a product will be developed, a description of the material and how public schools will benefit is included (i.e. student academic achievement will be increased). Primary measure must include the Oregon Statewide Assessment.

2. Description of Public Charter School and Evidence of Overall School Success (5 pages maximum) 25 points

A. Educational Vision

There is evidence that:

  • The public charter school has a well-articulated vision and mission and has accomplished the goals set forth in their charter.

  • Specific educational objectives accomplished through the school were noted.

B. Educational Capacity

There is evidence that:

  • The school has established and made progress toward rigorous standards in all curricular areas and measures success through a wide variety of assessment measures.

  • The school is able to demonstrate other indicators of success.

  • Student performance and achievement data (OAKS and other measures of academic success) are noted and show improvement.

  • The number and percentage of students participating in the Oregon Statewide Assessment is indicated.

C. Business and Organizational Capacity

There is evidence that:

  • The school demonstrates fiscal and operational soundness over time.

  • A clearly defined and stable governance/administrative structure supports the goals of the charter.

  • Overall stability (facilities, management and leadership, audit reports, etc.).

D. Collaboration

There is evidence that:

  • Collaboration occurs within the school.

  • Collaboration and partnerships have been established with organizations outside of the school.

  • The role and relationship with the authorizing agency has been established and described.

E. Indicators of Success

There is evidence that:

  • The level of parent satisfaction has been determined and described.

  • The level of satisfaction of the authorizing agency, growth in student population, and/or program expansion has been addressed.

3. Description of High Quality Dissemination Project 25 points

(6 pages maximum)

A. Needs Assessment

There is evidence that:

  • The specific area that will be the focus of the dissemination project meets an established need based on a clearly defined needs assessment.

  • The summative results are included in an attachment.

  • The needs assessment is correlated with the project design.

  • The number of schools contacted (if any) is indicated.

  • The chosen delivery meets the identified needs.

  • The needs assessment relates to the project objectives.

  • The project will produce the anticipated results.

B. Overall Dissemination Project

The following are described:

  • the proposal is clear, well planned and reasonable,

  • the specific area (curriculum, assessment, finance, governance, community relations, professional development, etc.) that will be the focus of the dissemination activities,

  • the objectives and performance measures of the dissemination project,

  • the overall dissemination project, including the number of students and number and types of schools that will benefit from the project, and

  • the methods and process for dissemination.

Consider also:

  • Are the project objectives and performance measures consistent with the applicant’s proven, successful practices?

  • Does the project plan clearly describe the work product that will result from the grant and the individuals responsible for each component of the project?

C. Accountability for all grant participants (address all that apply)

The applicant has described:

  • how the school being assisted has consented to being held to at least the same level of accountability as the assisting public charter school, e.g. adherence to ODE Content Standards, improved OAKS results, etc.,

  • how parents are involved in the accountability program,

  • the product being developed and how it will assist other public charter and traditional schools, and

  • the process for dissemination of the products developed and how any necessary training will be addressed.

4. Viability of the Project and Soundness of Planning 20 points

(3 pages maximum)

A. Capacity for applicant to succeed in the proposed project

There is evidence of:

  • success in the specific area that has been selected for dissemination,

  • the personnel involved with the project are well qualified and will provide the expertise necessary to accomplish stated objectives

B. Planning, Assessment and Procedures for Monitoring Project Objectives

  • A realistic timeline for completion of specific tasks and how progress will be monitored is in evidence.

  • There are monitoring and evaluation plans to ensure project objectives are achieved and recipients are given the opportunity to provide feedback.

  • The application includes a strong project evaluation plan, which outlines success indicators.

C. Project Viability

  • The use of funds for each planned activity is described. The narrative breaks down the budget for each school involved and reflects the activities during entire project period.

  • The process for how the grant money will be spent and the reasonableness of the grant budget in relation to the proposed activities is included.

5. Value of Dissemination Grant (4 pages maximum) 20 points

A. There is evidence the proposal:

  • is clearly focused on an area of need in the education or charter community that has not been and cannot be met by other sources,

  • project objectives and performance measures are highly consistent with effective school change/improvement,

  • is clearly convincing that the completion of the proposed grant-funded activities will lead to improved student performance or improve educational accountability for the applicant and/or recipient schools, and

  • outreach strategies, methods, and process for dissemination are clearly described.

Cover page

(Attachment A)

Oregon Public Charter School

Dissemination Grant Program Application

Charter School Name:


City, State, Zip:


Web Address:

School District (in which charter is located):

Fiscal Agent:

(Agency responsible for managing funds)

Project Director:


City, State Zip:



Fiscal Manager:


City, State Zip:



Agency Head:


City, State Zip:




Attachment A, page 2

Charter School Name:

Date of Opening:
Current Enrollment:

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