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Application for Funds

Oregon Public Charter School

Dissemination Grant

Application Deadline: May 21, 2010

Issued by the Oregon Department of Education

Public Charter School Program

Send completed application to:

Oregon Department of Education

Attn: Donna Newbeck

255 Capitol St. NE

Salem, OR 97310-0203

Every Student, Every Day – A Success

Oregon Public Charter School Dissemination Grant Program

Table of Contents

Background 3

General Information 4

  • Purpose of Dissemination Grant 4

  • Amount of Funds Available 4

  • Eligible Applicants 4

  • Length of Grant Awards 5

  • Review Process 5

  • Permissible Use of Funds 5-6

  • Application Timeline 6

  • Required Format 6

  • Required Information 6

  • Post-award Requirements……………………………………………………...7

  • Technical Assistance 7

Narrative Grant Components 8-11

Scoring Guide 12-15


  • Cover Page 16-17

  • Assurances 18-19

  • Budget Instructions 20

  • Budget Worksheet 21

  • Attachment D: Eligible Public Charter Schools 22 - 24


The Oregon Public School Charter Law was enacted in May 1999. This legislation provides an opportunity for teachers, parents, and community members to “create new, innovative, more flexible ways of educating all children within the public school system” by offering local communities the opportunity to design and operate schools that individualize and customize education for their students.

Charter schools are public schools of choice, selected by students and parents for their unique offerings. The essential characteristics of any Oregon public charter school are school-centered governance, autonomy, and a clear design for what and how students will learn. Each public charter school is considered a district school. However, it is exempt from many state laws and rules. Public charter schools must incorporate state content standards into their curriculum, participate in the statewide assessment system, and comply with all health, safety and civil rights laws.

In the ten years since Oregon’s Public Charter School Law was enacted, there has been a steadily increasing number of charter schools opening each year. In the

2009-2010 school year, over 100 charter schools were operating in 26 counties across the state of Oregon. The Oregon Department of Education has been awarded a competitive grant through Title V, Part B – Public Charter School Program. As a result, financial assistance has been available to support the planning and initial start up costs for the charter school. There are currently 20 public charter school developers at various stages of the planning phase and 15 current charter schools open and operating that are receiving financial assistance to get the charter school started. Additionally, funds are available to disseminate best practices and learning from successful charter school operators, of which 10 projects are being funded through this grant. As participants in this competitive dissemination grant process, qualified public charter schools will have the opportunity to share their best practices or assist developing public charter schools in 2010-2011.

General Information

Purpose of Dissemination Grant: The purpose of this application is to fund proposals to support activities that share effective practices resulting from the first three years of charter school operation. This grant opportunity supports public charter schools’ efforts to form bridges with the larger system; to share best practices in improving student achievement; and to transform specific successes and lessons learned into broader reforms.

Grant writers should focus on activities that:

  • have proven successful (having been implemented for a minimum of one year),

  • help improve existing public charter schools or regular public schools,

  • open new schools (including public charter schools),

  • share the lessons learned by public charter schools, and

  • create and/or disseminate materials that will assist in the operation of public charter and/or traditional public schools.

Amount of Funds Available: The Oregon Department of Education will award up to ten grants this round of funding. Dissemination grants are expected to range from $40,000 to $150,000 per year, for one year, expiring July 31, 2011. Specific awards may be adjusted to more accurately reflect reasonable project scope and costs.

Eligible Applicants: Public charter schools in operation for at least three consecutive years are eligible to apply for a dissemination grant. Eligible public charter schools must also have demonstrated overall success to apply for a dissemination grant. According to federal guidance, “overall success” of a public charter school includes, but is not limited to:

  • substantial progress in improving student achievement

  • high levels of parent satisfaction, and

  • the management and leadership necessary to overcome initial start-up challenges and establish a thriving, financially viable public charter school.

A public charter school may receive a dissemination grant whether or not it has previously received a planning and/or incentive grant. Public charter schools that have been in operation for at least 3 years are listed in Attachment D.

Collaboration and partnerships are encouraged in developing dissemination activities. The following describes possible types of partnerships that may be undertaken:

  • A single, eligible public charter school may apply under one single grant application and one grant award to develop and disseminate sound practices to one or more public schools (charter and traditional).

  • Eligible public charter schools may apply in partnership with one or more public charter schools under one single grant application and one grant award to develop, and disseminate sound practices to schools within and outside of the partnership.

Length of Grant Awards: The maximum length of this dissemination grant project is 13 months from the time of the award, though applicants may propose a shorter project period. All awardees must complete a final report due July 31, 2011.

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