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Event Name: Iwamizawa Mini International Festival
Date Submitted : June 4th 2009
Application Submitted by: Anne Slattery
City of Residence: Iwamizawa
Phone Number: 08018936122
Purpose of Event : For foreigners living in Hokkaido to promote the culture from their home countries, displaying to participants the traditions, and way of life.
Description of Event : How does this event uphold HAJET`s mission statement? In addition, please provide the names of other HAJET members supervising the event.

Grass roots internationalisation. By local ALTs and CIRs displaying to their students, their students`s families and other interested parties, materials from their home countries, activities that are played and foods eaten.
I am unsure exactly who are and who aren`t HAJET members. But so far we have the following JETs participating
Jennifer Chou
Emma White
Karen McCalman
David Morini
Jared Kassel
Afia Van Horne
Szu Chuang Cheong
Alison Chiang
Carole Dunn
Adele Young
Kystal Ahoy
Kate Allison
Krystal Cooley
Matthew Caesar
Alicia Smith
Lisa Cunningham
and myself

Proposed Date: Saturday June 6th
Length of Activity : 12-2.30pm
Location : Higashiyamakoen Iwamizawa
Estimated Number of Participants: 200-300
Has this event been scheduled before in the past? If so how many time? What things will be done different this year compared to the year before?: This is the 3rd festival that the JETs in and around Iwamizawa have run this event. The differences from last year and the year before is obviously as the JET clientelle change so does the booth and the activity. This year we have Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, and Jamaica for the first time. We have also increased the amounts of food and have cut down on the events runnning time.

Other supplementary information about the event (for example is anyone else helping to sponsor this event?) You may attach another sheet if necessary:
The Iwamizawa City Hall has purchased all the necessary stationary and covered all printing costs. Food companies (primarily from NZ and AUS) have sent packages of goods and flyers to distribute at the festival. We have NZ cheese, Cadbury jaffas, pineapple lumps, family favourites, Aussie Beef cooking materials, mooing cows and baaing lambs, US chocolates, tourism materials, etc as give aways.

We fully intend to be as self sufficent as we have been the previous two years but are applying at this late date as a back up due to the unpredictablity of crowd attendance and weather conditions. We are promoting on our posters that all funds go towards HEC and hope we can increase upon 2007`s Y5000 and 2008`s Y22000.

We have been having meetings monthly at first, then fortnightly and for the past 2 weeks, weekly. We have also planned a debrief meeting for next Wednesday.
Running Schedule for Saturday
8.30am Cooking team report to loacl high school for prep. Others set up at venue
11.30am Final Pre-event meeting
12-2.30 Food selling, booth activities, students from local high school`s English club assisting
2.30 Clean Up

Is this enough information? What else can I assist you with?
Thanks so much for this guys and really appreciate you understnding with the late notice.

Anne Slattery