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Вставь в пропуски глагол have или has.


a brother.


got a brother.


a sister.


got a sister.


an aunt.


got an aunt.

My cat

a kitten.

My cat

got a kitten.


a brother.


got a brother.


a brother.


_ got a brother.


a big dog.


got a big dog.

I not a sister.

I not got a sister.

He not a bother.

He not got a brother.

Tom not a dog.

Torn not got a dog.

My uncle not a car.

My uncle not got a car.

My aunt not a son.

My aunt not got a son.

you a brother?

you got a brother?

he a sister?

he got a sister?

Ann a doll?

Ann got a doll?

the cat a kitten?

___ the cat got a kitten?

you a sister or a brother?

you got a sister or a brother?

she an aunt or an uncle?

she got an aunt or an uncle?

How many brothers you?

How many brothers you got?

How many sisters she?

How many sisters she got?

Ann (got) a red ball.

Pete __ (got) a monkey. They _____ (got) a car.

You not (got) a car.

his sister (got) a car?

She (got) a red car.

We not (got) a car.

your brother (got) a bag?

Her sister not (got) a doll.

your sister (got) a doll?

How many dolls ____ she (got)?

your uncle (got) a family?

How many sons he^got)?

My aunt (got) a pet.

His uncle not (got) a pet.

their aunt (got) a pet?

your family (got) a cat?

Tom (got) a brother.

His brother (got) a bear.

your brother (got) a bear?

your sister (got) a doll?

The hare (got) a house.

The fox not (got) a house.

the hares (got) a house?

He (got) two sons.

she (got) a son?

How many sons she (got)?

Bob and Jane toys.

Ann not got toys.

her brother toys?

The bear a sweet.

the mouse a sweet?

The foxes not got sweets.

He got many friends.

Tom and Bob got three monkeys.

Her sister five dolls.

What toys you got?

How many toys he?

H is mother a rose.

your mother a rose?

Tom and Ann got an apple.

They got a big apple.

They not got an orange.

_____ they got a banana?

his sisters a dog?

The puppy got a box.

The kittens not got a box.

the chicken got a box?

the cat and the dog got a box?

The boy got a stick.

Tom got a big stick.

your brother got a big stick?

The girl a red pen.

Ann not a red pen.^ Вставь в пропуски глагол am, is или are :

I a pupil.

My name Tom.

My friend Bob.

He from America.

I from Russia.

I _ not a student.

It a book.

He a doctor.

Ann _ a teacher.

Tom a driver.

The house big.

This a table.

He not a worker.

Kate his friend.

Tom a pupil.

He from Africa.

I his friend.

Ann his friend.

It little.

You my friend.

My sisters from America.

_ you from America?

I not from America.

We from Russia.

The fox cunning.

Where he from?

Where you from?

Where your brother from?

This snake big.

the frogs ugly?

Her son clever.

her daughter a student?

their sons fine?

What colour the ball?

What colour your cat?

What colour your dogs?

We his friends.

you her sisters?

Tom and Bob fine.

My puppy funny.

My pets funny.

Tom a pupil?

Ann and Tom pupils?

My red pen in the bag.

My book and my pen in the


This black dog brave.

These cats not funny.

these little cats funny?

his mother a doctor?

He and his sister fine.

he and his sister doctors?

his brother strong?

His brothers strong.

the tiger strong?

the tigers brave?

The white bears funny.

This white bear funny.

Their aunt a teacher.

His aunts doctors.

your sister little?

_ her sons students?

This film funny.

These books not funny.

Where his aunt from?

Where Tom and Ann from?

The cat and its kittens fine.

that clown funny?

those clowns funny?

These girls slim

.^ Допиши краткий ответ. Обращай внимание на глагол, с которого начинает­ся вопрос. Не забудь про частицу not в отрицательном ответе.

Does it swim? — Yes,

Does Ann skate? - No,

Does Bob ski? - Yes,

Do they run? - No,

Do you play tennis? — Yes,

Do they play? - No,

Does this cat run? — Yes,

Does she swim? — No,

Does his dog run? — No,

Do dogs swim? — Yes,

Does the girl skip? - Yes,

Do boys skip? — No,

Do you like sweets? — Yes,

Does your mother swim? — Yes,

Does his mother skate? — No,

Does her father ski? — Yes,

Does his sister run? — Yes,

Do his sisters swim? — No,

Does your dog jump? - Yes,

Does their cat play? — No,

Do their cats play? - No,

Does Ann like apples? - Yes,

Does Tom like oranges? - No,

Do Tom and Ann like sweets? — Yes,

Do you and Tom play? - Yes,

Does your aunt swim? — No,

Does their uncle ski? - Yes,

Do the cat and the dog play? - No,

Does this duck swim? — Yes,

Do ducks swim? - Yes,

Does this boy skate? — No,

Do these girls skip? - Yes,

Does that girl skate? - Yes,

Do those girls sing? - No,

^ Вставь частицу to там, где

He likes run. He can run.

I want be a doctor.

Ann likes play tennis.

She cannot play football.

Do you like jump?

I can jump well.

Can you skate?

Do you want skate?

We like play football.

Can he play football?

Can you ski well?

^ Напиши правильную форму глагола:

I run — He

I sing — She

We run — He

They skate – She____

You like — He

I want — He

We like – She_____

We jump — She

They swim — Ann___

I play — Tom

They run — It

We want — Jane______

The girls skip — The girl

We sing — Ann

They skip - She

We play — He

We run — Tom

They jump — Ann

The boys play — The boy __

The dogs run — The dog

The cats jump — The cat ____

The cats play — The kitten___

The dogs swim - The puppy____

The birds sing — It

My sisters skip - My sister _____

The pupils play — The pupil _____

The ducks swim - The duck____

The girls skip — The girl

My brothers ski - My brother____

His uncles swim — His uncle ____

She swims — They

Ann skips — We

Bob runs — The boys

He likes - We

Tom plays — They

The duck swims — The ducks____

The cat plays - The cats

She skates - We

It swims — They

My friend plays - My friends_____

The bird sings — They

The boy plays - They

Ann jumps - They_______